Web Design Process

The Design Process

To consider a new web project with a client it is important to take the time to fill out my questionnaire for the web design process.  That will tell me about your business, who your market is, what your identity and focus are. What is it that you hope this site will do for you? Increase business, tell your clients more about you, give your business a new look?

To know what style of website you are looking for - what current sites out there appeal to you?

Content – your logo, what it is you want to say, pictures of your product, what colors you want to use, contact information etc. If you need help creating your content; writing that is optimized for search engines or having pictures taken are things we can add to the estimate.

Graphic design is important.  Photos of high resolution are used as headers, backgrounds, etc. is really cohesive to a brand and how I like to design.  Of course the decision is the client's and I will either mock up or take what you have made and make it work.


Once the final design is approved and I have all the necessary content, I will begin developing (coding and building) the site.  You will have a chance to see it as a live site on my host server before it gets uploaded to your host. At that point final proofing from you and minor adjustments can be made.  This usually takes about a month, then tweaking and finalizing copy, colors, etc. takes another if communication is swift, concise and decisions are timely.

I don’t provide domain names or hosting, but I can help you purchase them if needed.

My pricing is per hour of design.  If you expect to use a Content Management Service (WordPress, Joomla) that will take 40 to 80 hours of work depending on the size and scope of your needs.  Usually a CMS is the direction I recommend.  Then in just a few hours more, I can teach your employees or yourself, how to post blogs, add photos, make changes, etc.  You can maintain your own website in that way and save your budget.


Secondly is SEO (Site Engine Optimization).  It is a fluid skill and one I find ultimately enchanting and challenging.  My competitive nature can take control and no one gets hurt.  Keeping abreast of the latest changes, manipulating the copy and taking advantage of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Alexa, and others) helps me bring you to the top of the search engines for no more cost than my time.  I'm not a fan of AdWords, but with your information I can set up the ads and keywords.

Social Media

Social media is more important today than Adwords or per-click-advertising. My clients have gone to the top of the search pages simply by blogging, being active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr. It is amazing what we can do with just those avenues.

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