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Mission Statement

There is no set price for Web Design – but there shouldn’t be a barrier of cost to keep you from beginning or enhancing your current business.  We have posted prices and we barter, we have payment plans and we have reduced hourly rates on a job by job basis.

  • We have taken the time to learn and implement every service offered in real time, with real results.
  • Being an SEO expert is great if you want to read it on paper.  Its something else to claim and not deliver.  No one can be an SEO expert.  Its just not possible and if people claim to be, they are hopeful you aren’t up to speed on what it takes to implement the ever changing algorithms and Google requirements, enhancements and tools.  The best we can do is find out what works for your business and build from there.  Keeping up with the ever changing requirements is a job in itself, and to me, its fun. We enjoy it.
  • For the past ten years we have used several different platforms, programs, language and learned all the skills necessary to excel at building and maintaining websites.  My customers are few, but they are successful and loyal due to dedication, teamwork and delivering what is needed.  Some don’t want to change, others embrace the new technology and beautiful designs different platforms bring.  I can work with both.
  • Taking on new clients is not a given.  Time, interest and desire have to be present to deliver what a client needs and if some of those things are lacking, we simply will not take the job.  This is why our client base is small.  We don’t want to promise what we cannot deliver and if you want it quick and cookie-cutter we will direct you to someone else.  We do not take forever to build a site, but we do take pride in what we design.  Some are as fast as two weeks where others are a month.  It depends on the elements and content given.
  • If you are interested in becoming a client we have a questionnaire that is a mandatory introduction to what you seek in Web Design.  Our sites are efficient, fast, responsive and graphically pleasing in so far as the client requests.  Our expertise is in building and getting it found.
  • Click here to fill out the questionnaire and tell us about yourself, your preferences and your company.